Michigan State Fires Staff and Suspends Students for Refusing Vaccines

November 10, 2021, 7:24 AM

Michigan State University has fired at least two employees and suspended 16 students for refusing to get vaccinated, The Detroit News reports.

MSU spokesman Daniel Olsen tells the paper all students, faculty and staff who have refused to be vaccinated, have not received an exemption or do not have an exemption request pending were referred for appropriate discipline.

“Covid-19 vaccines are one of the most powerful and one of the few tools we have to prevent disease, severe illness and death," said Olsen.

The consequences to the suspension are significant. Suspended students don't receive refunds for on-campus housing and tutiion and lose credits for failing to complete the classes. Fired employees can reapply for their jobs once they've been vaccinated or gotten an exemption.

Meanwhile, the University of Michigan, which requires vaccines, has put "less than 10 staff members" on 30-day, unpaid leave, but did not specify why, the News reports.

The school has placed academic holds on 422 accounts of students who are not vaccinated. Unvaccinated employees, will be fired by U-M if they don't get shots or exemptions by Dec. 8, The News reports. Unvaccinated students on academic hold can't register for next term.

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