Video: Detroit UAW Member Releases Rap Song on Strike -- 'No Justice, No Jeeps!'

October 02, 2023, 12:44 PM

Ben Duell Fraser and son Henry, 4.

Ben Duell Fraser, a UAW autoworker at the Stellantis Mack Plant in Detroit that produces Jeep Grand Cherokees, has released a rap song for strikers titled, "No Justice, No Jeeps."

[Watch video below or click here to find the explicit version of the song on your streaming service, or click here for the clean, radio-edited version]

Fraser, who performs under the name "Canuck," a tribute to his Canadian roots, wrote and performed the rap song that was released Monday.

Fraser's local, UAW Local 51,  is not on strike at this point, but he wrote the song in support of striking union members assembling Jeeps in Toledo, Ford Broncos in Wayne, Mich., and Chevys and GMC products at the  General Motors assemby plant in Wentzville, Mo. 

"I've been working for FCA, and now Stellantis, for 3 years," Frazier said in a statement. "Every six months we hear about record profits from one side of the company's mouth when they are talking to shareholders, and then when they are talking to us, they tell us that they don't have money to pay a decent wage because electric vehicles are coming. They say they can't pass EV costs on to the consumer, but they made the consumer pay 30 percent more for cars over the last four years already. UAW labor is 5 percent of the sticker price of a car. So which is it? You're doing well or you're not? Clearly they're doing well, and we want working folks to do well, too."

"I'm a big Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren fan. When I hear (UAW President) Sean Fain talk about the billionaire class waging economic war on us, my ears perk up. Inequality in this country is out of control, and it's tearing this country apart. The UAW, the Teamsters, the other unions, we're looking for a dignified wage and working conditions for all working people in this country."

Fraser has been a occasional contributor to Deadline Detroit over the years.

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